• ​Apply the concept of Logistics and Supply Chain management in both Indian and global contexts
  • Understand and apply end to end supply chain thinking in decision making
  • Develop the ability to design supply chain and logistics systems, so that all components are synchronized 
  • Demonstrate ability to engage in critical thinking by analyzing and solving logistics & supply chain problems using appropriate tool and                    techniques
  • Make use of latest technology in warehousing management, material handling & packaging, transportation, inventory management
  • Take effective decision in strategic issues like logistics outsourcing, warehousing, various modes of transportation 


Program Duration: 144 Hours over 6 Months (including self study and online classrooms).

  1. First month - Orientation to Logistics 
  2. Second to Sixth Month - The students would work with a company for 5 days a week and attend classes on the weekends 

Delivery Method: Delivered over Virtual Classroom* and Online Content i.e.the students would not be required to be physically present at the center to attend classes.

Assessments: The students would be assessed on a comprehensive criteria comprising of attendance, quizzes, assignments                       submissions, project work, participation etc.

Qualification Criteria: Minimum 75% on the comprehensive assessment over the duration of the program 


       Course Fee:  Rs. 15000 plus 15% service tax

​       The fee to be paid at the time of enrollment.