We understand the importance both classroom based as well as on the job training. Therefore, we follow a blended approach to provide best of both approaches. We build foundation in the 1st one month of the program through extensive online classroom engagement. From 2nd month onward on-the-job learning, under the guidance of experienced logistics professionals, becomes the major component of the program. After initial orientation, the students are exposed to different parts of operations and assigned different responsibilities. The students can relate the classroom learning to the practical way of doing things. The students use their learning to identify gaps in the practical operations and suggest valuable improvements.

By end of the program, the students are ready to take over  entry level job roles and handle responsibilities independently. This learning approach makes sure that the students acquire all the skills that are needed for a firm start of career in Logistics. 

Studies have proven that the retention of learning through normal classroom lectures is at best 10%. However, when the learning is put into practice, the retention level jumps to 75%. Learning logistics requires not only conceptual knowledge and techniques but also ability to apply these techniques in different environment and situations. Apart from it, Logistics requires range of skills e.g. handling people, facing new challenges every day, dealing with number of internal and external stakeholders, which could only be acquired in the practical environment.

ON THE JOB Learning